Most Wholesale List Reviews Are Nothing But Rubbish, & I’ll Tell You Why

May 15, 2008

Type in the phrase ‘wholesaler list’, ‘wholesalers’, ‘clothing wholesalers’ or any other similar phrase on Google & all of a suden you’ll be hit with ads headings like ‘Top 5 Wholesale Sites Revealed’ or ‘Wholesale List Truth…What They Don’t Want You to Know’ or ‘Beware Of Wholesale List Scams…Check Our Reviews First’?

They make it sound like they are trying to stop you from getting ripped off, or warning you away from buying a wholesale list that simply isn’t up to scratch, but does the writer of the review really care about what you buy?

Guess what…they don’t.

Most wholesale list ‘review’ sites on the net are written by an affiliate of the product they’re ‘reviewing’. This simply means that they get a cut of any sales they send to the wholesale list owner. They are motivated purely by greed, & not out of any concern for you whatsoever.

Many of these affiliates, may have never even used the wholesale list they are reviewing, so there’s a very good chance they don’t know any more than you do about it’s good points & it’s bad points. They are often motivated purely by greed, & not out of any concern for you whatsoever.

Yes, they may come across as honest, or show you screenshots of their cashed up PayPal account allegedly from selling products they sourced from wholesalers in the list they’re promoting, but it’s very hard to tell how truthful they’re being. Screenshots of a PayPal account can’t tell you if they were actually making any profit.

You don’t want to end up losing your money by purchasing a wholesale list on the recommendation of a one-sided review site only to find the review (& product) was dodgy. There’s nothing worse than wasting a heap of your hard earned cash on a product that’s only fit for the rubbish bin. To make it even worse, that less than truthful affiliate would get a cut of your money because you purchased through their affiliate link

So, is there any real way you can tell how much honesty there is in a wholesale list review?

If you’re looking at the traditional, one-sided ‘review’ sites, then unfortunately there isn’t. There is too much room for very biased, not quite true, reviews when there’s only one writer.

But there is a solution to this problem. There’s a new wholesale list review site on the net – – that has found a way around these biased reviews. has a consumer based wholesale list review system in place, where anyone who has used a wholesale list in the past can submit a review of it on their site.

This completely eliminates the problem with the one-sided wholesaler list review sites. On you can get balanced & factual reviews from many other people who’ve used the product you’re looking at investing in…& the people submitting the reviews aren’t affiliates so their only motivation to write is out of concern for you, & not their wallet!

So drop by now, before you invest a cent in a wholesale list & check out what everyone else is thinks about it! You don’t want to risk wasting your hard earned cash thanks to a very biased, one-sided wholesale list review.